The Nico Tromp Trophy

The International Flower Bulb Tournament has been initiated by two members of the Hillegomse Tennisclub, Nico Tromp and Wim van Eeden, and was organized for the first time in 2002. Due to tremendous efforts of Nico and Wim and with the helping hands of many enthousiastic volunteers, this tournament has been developed into a very succesful tennisevent, which is unique for Hillegom and the region Duin en Bollenstreek.

Jan Siemerink, former Top 20 player of the ATP ranking, acts as the official tournament ambassador.

Sadly Nico Tromp, one of the founders of the tournament, died in 2005. His name is now connected with the Nico Tromp Trophy, a trophy for the player who showed the best sportmanship. It was awarded for the first time in 2006 to Lesley Kerkhove, a 15-year-old Dutch girl.

Winners Nico Tromp Trophy

2023Hikari Yamamoto (JPN)
2022Gustavo Ribeiro de Almeida (BRA)
2019Amy Stevens (AUS)
2018Niels Visker (NED)
2017Valentina Ivanov (NZL)
2016Miranda Ramirez (USA)
2015Tom Moonen (NED)
2014Giovanni Fonio (ITA)
2013Seone Mendez (AUS)
2012Ken Onishi (JPN)
2011Fabian van der Lans (NED)
2010Jade Suvrijn (FRA)
2009Thomas Gloudemans (NED)
2008David Thomson (GBR)
2007Quirine Lemoine (NED)
2006Lesley Kerkhove (NED)
Hikari Yamamoto (Winner of 2023)